Short Story Competition

The 2019 Short Story Competition was launched 1st November 2018, with a closing date of midnight on Friday 22nd March 2019.  The Competition Rules are now available for the General Competition, or here for the specific Junior Competition.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED TO ENTRIES.  ANY ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER THE CLOSING DATE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Prizes for the 2018 Evesham Festival of Words Short Story Competition were announced at the prize-giving event on 29th June (see below for winners and shortlisted entrants). 

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Details of the short-listed, long-listed adult entries, and short-listed juniors for 2018 appear below.

Short Story 2018 Anthology (Limited Edition)

EFoW Short Stories (3) 2018

Short Story 2018 Anthology (Limited Edition)

2018 Adult Category Winner, shortlist and longlist:

Winner – Kathryn Barton with ‘The Small Adventures of Paddy O’Hagan’

The Vale of Evesham Commerce and Tourism Association (VECTA) provided the prize for the winning adult entry.


Duncan Abel        The Species of Things

Nigel Hall              To The Power of Two

Louise Knight       Gone with Winter

Moira Miller         Starlings

Jim Moeller          The Hired Hand

L.F. Roth               Unfinished Business

Edward Sergeant To Be Meat

Catherine Tester  The House in the Peach Orchard

Judy Walker         Not Normal


Paul Barnett           A Bit of a Laugh

Mary Charnley       Grim Reaper

Ian Riddle               It’s All JJ’s Fault

Paula Stanley         Going Potty

Adele Winston       Beside You

Judge’s Statement (adult category)

Our two readers, Chris Hill and Cathy Evans, have completed their task of producing a longlist of 15 for judge Lynne Hackles to consider.  Lynne’s task was to then reduce the longlist to a shortlist of 10, and from those 10 to identify the winner.  Once again we had a good number of entries.  Chris and Cathy both enjoyed the task of reading all the stories, and producing the longlist.  They apparently reached agreement without too much difficulty.
Lynne also greatly enjoyed the task.  The reasons she chose the winner will be revealed in the published Anthology, which will include all the shortlisted adult and junior entries, and the winners.  We don’t want to give the game away at this stage!  She did make the comment, however, that most of the entries could have had fewer words.  In Lynne’s words: “Just because a word limit is 2,500, there is no need to pad stories out to try to reach that limit.  A short story should not have a wasted word so some editing was needed in some of the stories.  I enjoyed reading them all, but I wanted to edit as I went along.  And remember, even when writing fiction, the facts must be correct.”

2018 Junior Category Winners and shortlist:

The winners were announced on Friday 29th June by guest speaker, Amelia Dalton:

Aged 8 – 11

Iona Mandal                 The Art of Conversation (Winner)

Rebecca Bellamy         P.T.O

Martha Davey              I’m Ready Now

Emma Smith                Lily and the Little Black Kitten

Roseanna Smith          Cowcrake’s Crafty Creature

Aged 12 – 15

Phoebe Morse    Paper Cranes (Winner)

Sara Amin                The Golden Statue

Alissa Bonnett        Coming Out of His Shell

Katie Shauger          The Little French Girl

Judge’s Statement (junior category)

Ann Evans  (

All the stories this year have been of an exceptionally high standard, and it was wonderful to see some really unique ideas.  Each story had its own charm and style – and it has been a real pleasure to read every single one of them.  I was particularly impressed with the younger age group – some lovely stories from young writers which is very heartening.  I was also particularly impressed with the presentation.  It was clear that the writers had taken extra care to get their work written as neatly and correctly as possible.  There were one or two occasions of the writer making a slight error in their punctuation around dialogue, but overall, they were all very well written.  It’s been a tricky task to pick out the winners in both categories as the stories were all so very good.  I know readers are going to love every one of them.

The Rotary Club of Evesham kindly offered the prizes for the junior category of the Competition!


Competition rules & regulations (2019)

If you are interested in the short story competition, then click here for all of the General Competition Rules, or here for the specific Junior Competition Rules.