Evesham Festival of Words Short Story Competition 2023! 

The 2023 Short Story Competition is now complete.  The winner, 2nd and 3rd places are announced below, as well as the long- and short-listed entries. Congratulations to our winners and grateful thanks to all who entered!

Click on the links to read the winning stories.

2023 Winner, shortlist and longlist:

Winner, 2nd and 3rd place:

Liz Carroll                       ‘The Battle’ (1st place)

Tony Oswick                   ‘Isabella Sanchez is Dead’ (2nd place)

Annie Warren                ‘The Sinner’  (3rd place)



Katie Carr                              ‘The Seagull’

Fay Dickinson                      ‘Organised Travel Arrangements’

Rupert Maude                      ‘Border Control’

Rosie Orr                               ‘Mrs Henderson’s Holiday’

Jane Ricot                             ‘Not Welcome Here’

Maxine Riddington             ‘Lobster To Go’

Sherri Turner                        ‘Flat Pack Life’


Steven Burford                ‘A Rum Do’

Rod Francisco                 ‘Not A Whole Christmas’

Edward James                ‘Brothers-in-Arms’

Libby Jones                     ‘Stickybeak’

Pauline Whittle               ‘Stairway to Heaven’

Judge’s Statement

Our two readers, Noelle Chambers and Gillian Proops, had great fun and faced great challenge deciding on a longlist of 15.  Our judge, Alison Lester, really enjoyed her task too.  Click on the Judge’s Report  to see what she had to say about her task as judge and the top 3 stories.  

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