Lots more competitions lined up for 2021! 

Our annual Six Word Competition will be open for entries on May 1st! Can you write an entire story in just six words?  Sad, funny, mysterious…..just how creative can you be? Six Word Story Competition Rules 

Our new Mini Saga Competition has now closed to entries and judging is now complete.  We had a great response with 68 entries.  Congratulations to winner: Sandy Vaughan with her entry London’s Last Truffle;  2nd place: EL Appleby with The Dinner Date; 3rd place: Lynne Birch with The Forage.

Also shortlisted were:  Jeff Balcombe – Driving Miss, Daisy; Mary Fleming – Shipwrecked; Frances Gapper – Charity Begins; Elisabeth Kelly – Treasure Seekers; Sue Morgan – Her mother insisted on moving with no help from her and then…..; Electra Rhodes – Kindle – Or – Why an actual book…..; Brian Webster – Legs.

The 2021 Short Story Competition is now completed with a record number of entries – 142. 
Note that because of the coronavirus situation there will be no prize-giving event in 2021.
The winner, 2nd and 3rd are announced below.

Click on the links to read these winning stories.

2021 Winner, shortlist and longlist:

Winner, 2nd and 3rd – see below:



Richard Hooton         Regeneration (1st place)

Anita Goodfellow      Handprints  (2nd place)

Hazel Whitehead      Home from Home (3rd place)

Paul Barnett                  The Real Fake News

Christine Cherry          Sowing the Seeds

Frances Gapper            George and Alice

Glenise Lee                    More Tears in Georgia

Linda Lewis                   The Missing Sherlock Holmes

Hilary Orme                  The Yellow Man

Sherri Turner                The Postman’s Wife


Ali Bacon              Visiting the Sick

Michelle Christophorou   Lazarus Solutions

Peter Cotton          Lady Jane

Maureen Cullen    The Water of Life

Wendy Jones          Flowers for Miss Havisham


Judge’s Statement

Our two readers, Helen Yendall and Gillian Proops, had great fun and a great challenge deciding on a longlist of 15.  Our judge, Simon Whaley, enjoyed his task too.  Click on here to see what he had to say about his task as judge and about the top 3 stories.  (Judge’s Report)