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Our Evesham Festival of Words BOOK CLUB, led by local author and creative writing tutor, Helen Yendall, is now back and meeting in person.  Contact Helen if you would like to know more:

Launched in January 2020, the Book Club is a small and friendly group, with lively discussions led by Helen.  At the beginning of the year members select the genres for each of the following months.  Members are invited to put forward suggestions for books each month, and a vote takes place between the two put forward.  We score the books each month so at the end of the year we can tell which was the most popular and which the least popular book.  All good fun!

Evesham Festival of Words Book Benches/Little Free Library

The unveiling of two beautiful book benches and our very own Little Free Library  took place in brilliant sunshine on Friday 2nd July 2021. Supported by The Mayor of Evesham, her consort and Nigel Huddleston MP and wonderfully hosted by Raphael’s Restaurant, it was a truly fabulous event!  Congratulations and sincere thanks go to local artist Ian Gibson for his stunning designs on the benches and to Evesham resident Ken Doran for his craftmanship  in building the Little Free Library. All on display at Raphael’s – so do go along, admire their work, settle down with a good book and enjoy a wonderful setting with refreshments at hand!

So, what is the Little Free Library?   It started in the United States in a very small way.  A man had lost his mother, and wasn’t sure what to do with all her books.  So he built a replica of an american school house, filled it with books and put it on a post at the end of his drive.  Libraries are now registered and receive a charter mark.  There are now over 100,000 Little Free Libraries all around the world, but this is the first in Evesham!


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