Writers’ Tips (from Tracey Bryant):

Helpful site to show you how the process of self-publishing what to do and good to contact them for help and advice: https://www.clays.co.uk/indie-publishing/lets-get-started/indie-publishing-metadata/

Successful Self- publishing by Joanna Penn (Author self-publisher): https://www.thecreativepenn.com/

Accredited Proof-reader, Copy Editor and Author Helen Baggott: http://www.helenbaggott.co.uk/

Alison Shakespeare Copy Editor, Proof reading, word press website, copywriting, formatting, design and publishing: http://shakspeareeditorial.org/

to Buy ISBN: https://www.nielsenisbnstore.com/Home/Isbn

To register your book ISBN: https://www.nielsenisbnstore.com/Account/Register

To self-publish print on demand service: http://www.ingramspark.com/plan-your-book

First steps to self-publishing (by Tracey Bryant)

1. Have an idea for a story and talk to a friend or relative about the idea.
2. Start to write.
3. Make sure you have funds to pay for the ISBN numbers, editor, proofreading, formatting, design of book ,artist, title setup fee for self-publishing.
4. Keep writing even if only half an hour a day.
5. When you think you have written a good bit get another person friend or a close family member to have a read of it.
6. Find a copy editor, design, formatter or artist.
7. Ahead of time buy your ISBN numbers as it can take up to a month to register.
8. When you have completed your book get a close friend to read.
9. Find a copy editor to read your book. When they come back to you, you might have to alter some bits.
10. Have another copy edit of your book.
11 Proof read of book.
12. Formatting, design of book and final proof read.
13. Double check read it over the finished format before downloading.
14. Self-publishing with Ingram or whoever you decide.
15. Well done you did it.

A Rough Price Guide (updated March 2018)

(a) Editor fees from £25.00 upwards.
(b) Formatting to EPUB, layout fees from £100 upwards.
(c) £124 for 10 ISBN numbers.
(d) £35 for uploading your book for publishing on the internet Ingram self-publishing print on demand service for print and EPUB.
(e) Formatting and design £200 upwards.
(f) £35 Ingram print on demand download EPUB printed book.
(g) Ten ISBN numbers cost c.£124.

Other Literary Festivals/events that may be of interest:

Birmingham Literature Festival (www.birminghamliteraturefestival.org)

Cheltenham Poetry Festival (www.cheltenhampoetryfest.co.uk)

The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival (www.cheltenhamfestivals.com)

Chipping Campden Literature Festival (www.campdenlitfest.co.uk)

Chipping Norton Literary Festival (www.chiplitfest.com)

Everybody’s Reading Festival Leicester (www.everybodysreading.co.uk)

Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival (www.hulitfest.com)

Ledbury Poetry Festival (www.poetry-festival.co.uk)

Lowdham Book Festival, Nottinghamshire (www.lowdhambookfestival.co.uk)

FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival (www.oxfordliteraryfestival.org)

Stratford Literary Festival (www.stratfordliteraryfestival.co.uk)

Stroud Short Stories (www.johnhollandwrites.com)

Tamworth Lit Fest (https://tamlitfest.wordpress.com)

VERVE (A Birmingham Festival of Poetry & Spoken Word) (www.vervepoetryfestival.com)

Warwick Words History Festival (www.warwickwords.co.uk)

Winchcombe Festival of Music and Arts (www.winchcombefestival.co.uk)

Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe (https://worcslitfest.co.uk)


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Other useful links:

Alliance of Independent Authors (www.allianceindependentauthors.org)

Black Pear Press, Worcester (www.facebook.com/black-pear-press)

The British Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (www.britishscbwi.org)

The Crime Writers Association (www.thecwa.co.uk)

Future Learn Start Writing Fiction courses

LoveReading (expert recommendations made by people with a passion for books) (www.lovereading.co.uk)lovereading_logo

LoveReading4Kids (finding books children want to read and authors that excite them (www.lovereading4kids.co.uk)  lovereading4kids-header-logo-with-slogan

National Association of Writing Groups (NAWG) (www.nawg.co.uk)

Online Mattress Review Nursery Rhymes and Bedtime Stories for Kids

The Romantic Novelists Association (www.rna-uk.org)

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Society for Story telling (www.sfs.org.uk)

SuperSummary – an in-depth crime and mystery resource guide (www.supersummary.com/crime-mystery-guide/)

Tuck – an online community devoted to improving sleep health and wellness worldwide through dissemination of free, in-depth web-based resources (www.tuck.com/best-bedtime-stories)