The Programme

We’ve just updated our programme Outline Programme updated 20.7.21

Its hard to imagine but live events are happening soon!!  Exciting times ahead!  Full details of all events on website. 

You might like to see what our 2020 Brochure was going to look like.  You can download the 2020 Festival Brochure.  If you want to know about previous years, you can download the 2019 brochure here as well as the 2018 brochure.

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    Looking for an exciting Christmas/birthday present for someone?  Then an Evesham Festival of Words Gift Voucher may be just what you are looking for!  Available in denominations of £10, the voucher will be emailed to you on payment and can be redeemed against any future Festival event.     

  • 2021

    Free events!

    NOTE: Note the following are currently operating as virtual events.  Contact organiser for details.

    We have now launched the Evesham Festival of Words BOOK CLUB, led by local author and creative writing tutor, Helen Yendall.  Contact Helen if you would like to know more:

    Meanwhile, our Festival ‘Book Fairy’ has been out and about, depositing books around the town.  The idea is that you find them, take one, read it, then leave it for someone else to pick up.   We have book fairy collections at lots of venues in and around Evesham.  Keep your eyes peeled!  The books are free – we just ask that you enjoy!

    Breaking News!

    The unveiling of two beautiful book benches and little free library  took place in brilliant sunshine on Friday 2nd July. Supported by The Mayor of Evesham, her consort and Nigel Huddleston MP and wonderfully hosted by Raphael’s Restaurant, it was a truly fabulous event!  Congratulations and sincere thanks go to local artist Ian Gibson for his stunning designs on the benches and to Evesham resident Ken Doran for his craftmanship  in building the Little Free Library. All on display at Raphael’s – so do go along, admire their work, settle down with a good book and enjoy a wonderful setting with refreshments at hand!


  • Sat 7th August, 7.00 pm

    'A Dog's Tale' (A Mikron Theatre Production)

    Linda and her wayward rescue dog Gary are pursued by security through the halls and history of Crufts, accused of a terrible crime.  When Charles Cruft, the ‘Greatest Showman in Dogdom’, held his first show in 1891, he had a sense that dog ownership and breeding was about to become pretty big.  In this extraordinary world of heroic hounds, pampered pedigrees and naughty nobblers, does Gary have what it takes to win the day?  Help cheer the underdog as we celebrate canines past and present and explore the enduring love between people and their dogs.  One of two brand new shows for 2021.

    Venue: Raphael’s Restaurant, Hampton Ferry.  (Outdoor event, whatever the weather.  

    Tickets: Booking in 2021 is direct to Mikron via this link.

  • Fri 20 Aug, 2.30 pm

    'Absolutely Delicious: A Chronicle of Extraordinary Dying' with Alison Lester

    After a full life, the writer Valerie Lester retired to a residential hospice and set about enjoying the final act of her life.  She knew just where she wanted to be, with whom, doing what, and she communicated this to her family and friends with great clarity.  Absolutely Delicious: A Chronicle of Extraordinary Dying describes the months novelist Alison Lester spent with her mother, prior to her death from terminal cancer.  Alison tells how her mother chose to approach the end of her life with the same positive energy with which she had lived.  Woven into the narrative are poems both by Alison and her mother as they shared the impulse to grapple with life’s challenges through poetry.

    Venue: Hampton Community Hall, Pershore Road, Hampton, Evesham. WR11 2PQ.

    Tickets: £6, inc tea/coffee/cake.

  • Friday 17th Sept, 2.30 pm

    'The Railway Travellers Handy Book 1862' with Tony Conder

    Tony Conder is a very popular local speaker and a Festival favourite.  This talk, ‘The Railway Travellers Handy Book 1862’, is a railway talk based on the change in habits and manners that the railways brought about for Victorian society.  It illustrated what train travel was like for the Victorians, at its heart is the Handbook published to help Victorian men help their women folk understand the meaning of timetables and how to ensure your place in society was upheld even on a train.

    Venue: Hampton Community Hall, Pershore Road, Hampton, Evesham. WR11 2PQ

    Tickets: £6, incl tea/coffee and cake. 

  • Wed 8th September, 7.30 pm (Zoom)

    Illustrated talk 'Waterways of Russia' with Sue Ablett

    Starting our Autumn series of zoom events, Festival Chair, Sue Ablett, gives one of her famous travel talks.  ‘Waterways of Russia’ charts a trip by boat from Moscow to St Petersburg.  There is an interesting twist in the tale of this talk, and lots of interesting stories along the way – some related to the trip and some of Sue’s fascinating discretions.  An event not to be missed.

    Venue: N/A (Zoom event)

    Tickets: £4 (login details will be provided once payment made)

  • 1st November

    Launch of 2021 Short Story Competition

    1st November sees the launch of the 2021 Evesham Festival of Words Short Story Competition.  More information to follow.

  • Wed 3rd November, 7.30 pm (Zoom event)

    'How to sing in the rain - building a toolbox of wellbeing strategies in the time of Covid 19' with Rachel Kelly

    Rachel Kelly is a former Times journalist, who is now a mental health campaigner, public speaker and writer.  In her early 30s, Rachel was diagnosed with serious depression and subsequently suffered two major depressive episodes.  Since then she has written about the condition and how she has recovered.  She now speaks publicly about her experience of depression and recovery in an effort to reduce stigma and educate people about the reality of mental illness.  Rachel is the author of four books.  In this event Rachel explores the physical and psychological strategies which can help us cope with the challenges to our daily lives since the coronavirus pandemic.  She encourages the audience to build up their own toolbox of wellbeing strategies, and to sing in the rain: to find the positives, however negative life may seem at times.  Equally applicable to other stressful situations in life.

    Venue: N/A (Zoom event)

    Tickets: £4 (log in details sent once payment received) 

  • Sat 13th November, 10.30 am -

    Workshop: 'Short Story Competitions - Catching the Judge's Eye' with Helen Yendall

    Entering writing competitions can be fun and inspiring but also a source of frustration.  If you’re not placed or shortlisted, how do you know how close you were, or whether your story had the ‘X-factor’?  As we launch our 2022 Short Story Competition, this practical workshop led by one of the Competition Readers, will provide an insight into what makes a good competition story (and what doesn’t!) and how to give yourself the best chance of doing well.  There will be exercises to help generate ideas and Helen will refer to some of the stories she has read as part of the 2021 and 2020 Competition (but without names or specifics!), and the lessons learned, as a writer, from judging them.  Whether you regularly enter competitions, or are taking the plunge for the first time, you’ll feel better equipped – and inspired – to start sending your stories out into the big wide world.blogger, who has won or been placed in several writing competitions.  She is a member of the Festival Steering Group and leads our Book Club.

    Venue: 117 High Street, Evesham. WR11 4EQ

    Tickets: £15 inc tea/coffee and cake.

  • 1st December

    'Christmas Literary Quiz Sheet'

    Try your hand at some easy and fiendishly difficult literary questions.  Just the thing to while away a bit of time over the festive season.   Prize for the winner.

  • Wed 8th December, 7.30 pm (Zoom)

    'Christmas - Magic or Humbug?' with David Howe

    David Howe is a natural racconteur.  He doesn’t use slides but he can captivate an audience with his wonderful stories, fantastic stories, lovely voice, and the way he connects with his audience.  David gave a great talk for us in July – The Addiction Noone Can Help: Memoirs of a Book Addict.  We are thrilled to have him back again.

    Venue: N/A (Zoom event)

    Tickets: £4

  • May 2022

    Calligraphy Exhibition: 'The Written Word'

    The art of beautiful writing …. or, in other words, Calligraphy.

    An exhibition by Severn Quills, a group of local calligraphers based in Upton-on-Severn.  The exhibition is themed around the spoken and written word, and the importance of libraries.   This follows on from the very popular Calligraphy Workshop at the 2019 Festival.

    Venue: Evesham Library, Oat Street. WR11 4PJ